Daniel helps a traumatised girl

Daniel meets a young girl, Mia, and takes her back to the surgery where he notices she has red marks on her arms where she’s been held down. Clearly, Mia has been the victim of abuse. Between them, Daniel and Zara listen to Mia’s story before the social workers turn up.

Meanwhile, Karen is alarmed to see Mia coming in with Daniel and Zara and fears that it might have something to do with Treehouse. On impulse, Karen asks Zara what she would do if she had the chance to do something about it but then hurries out, leaving Zara to wonder if there’s more to this than meets the eye – does Karen know something?

Also, Niamh and Ayesha are underwhelmed by the prospect of speed walking but Emma’s excited. However, the running doesn’t go too well, between tight sports bras, sore knees and elbows in the eye.