Jimmi awakens Daniel in the middle of a casino-themed dream. Later, Daniel tells Zara that he’s got an idea to double his money on the roulette table and his eyes light up when he find his lucky silver dollar – is it a sign? Daniel asks Jimmi to cover, and when Zara mentions the casino in passing, Jimmi tells her about Daniel’s ‘problem’.

Zara calls Daniel to find out which casino he’s at and she arrives to find Daniel at the blackjack table. Zara tries to persuade Daniel to leave, but he reckons her beginner’s luck will win on the roulette table, and convinces her to put his £40,000 loan on red. Daniel watches anxiously as the ball trickles over the moving roulette wheel… it falls on black!

Cherry reveals to Michelle that her friendship with Simon hasn’t been the same since Will came on the scene, and is annoyed when Simon admits he saw Will last week. At home, Cherry tries to apologise to Simon – but when she realises he’s going to meet Will it’s too much and she decides to move out for a few days.

And Heston clashes with a charismatic traveller who claims to possess ‘second sight’ when she sets up camp in The Mill car park.

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