Daniel is detained by airport immigration

Daniel returns from Australia and is detained at the airport by migration. He meets Jenkinson, who is here with his young bride, Luisa. Luisa is suddenly taken ill and admits to Daniel that she’s carrying cocaine in a condom in her stomach. As Luisa is taken away to receive medical aid, Jenkinson denies any knowledge of the offence. He pleads with Daniel to vouch for his character but Daniel refuses. Eventually, Daniel is released and told he’s free to go.

Heston is chuffed when Franc gives him a classy bottle of wine – but he’s a little put out when Al gets an equally fine wine, too. Emma is thrilled when Franc gives her a designer handbag but is left seething when she finds out that Niamh has been given a beautiful dress – and it fits perfectly!

Al feels obliged to go out shopping for Niamh to see if he can top Franc’s present. He retreats defeated to a pub for a conciliatory pint – and is thrilled to see a salesman selling lingerie out of a suitcase. As far as Al’s concerned, it’s the perfect solution.