Daniel loses everything

Daniel welcomes Lisa and Izzie to his new flat and an impressed Lisa leaves Daniel to spend the day with his daughter. Daniel has a wonderful time with Izzie in the park, but is shocked to return home to find bailiffs clearing out his flat. The bailiff explains to Daniel that his creditors have found out about his recent ‘windfall’ and when a furious Lisa arrives and takes Izzie away, a distraught Daniel is left all alone in his bare flat.

Meanwhile, Cherry is concerned that Michelle has not turned up for work after last night’s partying. Sneaking out, Cherry finds Michelle still on her doorstep and takes her to the sick bay at The Campus. Later, Cherry goes to check that Michelle’s OK – but Michelle doesn’t need her help, and snaps at Cherry, who runs off in tears.

Zara has a surreal day when a patient, Elaine, comes to see her, claiming her brother has replaced his wife with a shop mannequin. Elaine demands that her brother be sectioned – but Zara soon realises it’s Elaine who’s seeing things…

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