Daniel makes his move on Amber

Daniel is back and Imogen reveals Paul’s involvement in paying Gary to do his dirty work. Later, Daniel goes to Amber for comfort, only to be rebuffed. Finding Daniel alone, Imogen tries to offer some advice, but when she jokes about their kiss, a shocked Amber overhears. As an argument explodes and it’s revealed Josh is still pursuing Amber – and she hasn’t told Daniel.

Brad and Terese’s relief that Brad is in the clear is short lived as Gary claims that he alone acted in the assault. Matt presses Gary – then Paul – to reveal the truth, but they hold fast, thereby exonerating Brad – and Paul. Terese confronts him but he tells her if anyone’s to blame, she is, since it was her family’s domestic dramas that started the whole mess.

Still recovering from her heart attack in hospital, Sheila is anxious to talk to Gary and finally, Kyle is forced to reveal the awful reality… he turned Gary in. Later, Gary materialises with wads of money for them. He has taken a pay-off from Paul and despite his best intentions they won’t be a party to it.