Daniel manipulates Simon

Daniel stoops to pick up notes Simon has dropped and Simon accidentally hits him on the head with his elbow. Julia asks Daniel for his critical event reports by lunchtime and Daniel tries to get out of it by saying he’s not feeling well, but Julia’s having none of it. Later, when Simon examines Daniel’s head, Daniel realises Simon is gay, and Zara confirms his suspicions. Not one to miss an opportunity, Daniel uses his charm to persuade Simon to write his reports…

Elsewhere, Jimmi is called to a crime scene to confirm the death of Seeta Patel, who seems to have fallen down some stairs and cracked her skull. But events take a sinister turn when The Mill’s electrician, Ravi Patel, is found acting strangely, with Seeta’s medical notes in his pocket. Ravi – Seeta’s nephew – is then arrested for her murder.

After a stressful day, Jimmi is forced to apologise to an already fragile Ruth for losing his temper with her.

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