Daniel meets Joni’s father

Will Daniel's opinion of Joni change?

Daniel visits Joni’s father, Dillon, who is over the moon to talk about ‘Jonny’. Dillon makes Daniel a couple of tea and Daniel looks at pictures of Joni when she was Jonny: playing football, climbing up trees and photographed doing all the typical activities boys typically do. Daniel shakes his head believing that Dillon can’t come to terms with Joni’s identity.

As the pair get chatting, Dillon reveals that Lou, Joni’s mother, never wanted a girl. In fact, when she found out she was having a boy she wanted an abortion. It seems that Daniel’s latest case just got a little more complicated…

Also, Mrs Tembe is having the day from hell, as the medical courier Den’s van is stolen and it contains samples from patients. Mrs Tembe takes her frustrations out on Ayesha, but Jimmi calms things down. Will they be able to find the van?