Zara joins Daniel for his meeting at the bank, to secure a loan for the partnership. When small business advisor Troy Plunkett suggests that discrepancies in Daniel’s credit history will affect his chances of getting the loan, Daniel is ready to give up but Zara goes off to speak to Troy’s supervisor.

Daniel is overjoyed when a loan of £40,000 is agreed, but it’s only half of what he needs for the partnership. Zara assures him they will think of a way to get the rest of the money.

Jimmi witnesses Charlie being homophobic to Simon but does nothing. Simon’s surprised when Will turns up at The Mill with young son Ben. Will brought him in under the pretext that he has a sore throat but it’s really because he wanted them to meet. Simon is wary and Ben realises something is up…

Also, Heston’s power of speech proves invaluable in a matter of life and death for an eccentric family.

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