Daniel realises that his uncle isn’t the most popular figure in town and Imogen underlines that as they clash again. Guessing that Paul is in fact a lot lonelier than he’d ever let on, Daniel makes a decision. Paul is chuffed to learn that his nephew will be staying in Erinsborough and pledges to Scott that he’ll take good care of his boy. Little knowing that Daniel is pledging to Charlene that he’ll take care of his uncle. 

Sonya, meanwhile, worries that Callum is still traumatised after Stephen Montague held him hostage. Callum admits that at first he was struggling, and an online fantasy computer game gave him something else to focus on. Listening to him reason through it, Sonya realises Callum’s coping skills are better than she thought. Sonya shares her relief with Lauren – and encourages her to take Callum’s lead, reminding Lauren she’s a talented artist. Lauren is happy to accept a new challenge.

Chris is also moving on with his life. Wanting to keep things simple, he shuts down his growing feelings for Will. But seeing just how deeply Hudson cares only increases Chris’s guilt – and Hudson starts to realise that something is wrong.

Georgia is caught in the middle when Hudson tries to trick her into revealing the truth. Her denials only feed Hudson’s suspicions and he calls Chris to the prison. No time for Chris to defend himself – Hudson drops him – the relationship’s over.