Daniel Osbourne loses his cool in the Rovers

Daniel fails to keep calm when he hears the Platts gossiping about him in the pub

Peter and Tracy agree that Daniel’s hiding something and vow to find out what. Meanwhile David’s baffled when Daniel looks around the salon and asks questions about its history. When Daniel overhears David, Nick and Sally talking about him in the Rovers he blows his top.

As an angry Todd is forced to tell Eileen how he and Phelan have lost all of Jason’s money, as well as their clients’ deposits, the police come calling. Shell-shocked, a devastated Eileen demands answers. Will Todd come clean about his involvement in the scam?

Gemma’s still miserable so when Rita’s words of comfort offer scant consolation Chesney hatches a plan…

Nick’s perturbed to clock Peter and Leanne sharing a joke in The Kabin. Leanne warns he’ll have to get used to Peter sticking around. Tyrone’s puzzled to catch Tracy staring over at the garage.