Daniel punches Michael!

When Daniel finds out that Zara has taken Joe to an appointment that he withdrew his consent from, he’s seething and ends up punching Michael. Rob is called to arrest both Michael and Daniel and, back at the station, Jimmi tends to Daniel’s injury.

Troubled teen Amy runs away to Heston, who discovers she made a pass at her stepdad, Sean. It’s an uncomfortable exchange as Sean admits it’s true and he didn’t want to embarrass Amy by telling her mum, Pat. Pat feels let down but she understands that, on some level, Amy wants to replace the love that she lost when her dad passed away.

Ayesha turns down Sid when he asks her on a date. Later, she’s filling Niamh and Emma in when they suggest that perhaps she does really like him. But when she makes a strong statement to the contrary, Sid overhears. Ayesha stews on the idea of going on a date and tells him she’s changed her mind – unfortunately now so has he.