Daniel rejects a drunk Michelle

Michelle’s attitude is becoming too much to bear when she tells Julia that she wants Ruth sacked! Julia is having none of it and suggests that Michelle take some time off to pull herself together. Meanwhile, Zara rejects Ruth’s offer of a lunch of friendship, telling Ruth she has enough friends.

Daniel also has a awful day, jealous of Jimmi’s success and moping about Izzie, so he and Michelle decide to drown their sorrows. At The Icon bar, Daniel and Michelle boost each other’s egos and, as the booze starts flowing, a flirty Michelle leans in for a kiss. Daniel pulls away and admits he doesn’t fancy Michelle, as he puts the humiliated nurse into a taxi.

Also, Lily is visited by a mother worried about her tired daughter, Laura. When Lily suggests that Laura thinks her novelist neighbour is a vampire, Laura reveals all about her secret night time vigils and how she must keep her mother safe.

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