Daniel returns to work

Daniel returns to The Mill for a meeting and is in a foul mood

Valerie organises a partner’s meeting and everyone is stunned to see that Daniel has turned up when he still should be resting and recovering. He’s in a foul mood and snaps at Valerie. Then, in the meeting, he brings up the subject of extending opening hours and refuses to drop it. When they discuss recent events, Daniel takes the opportunity to make digs at Zara and her involvement with upcoming case against the gang. Back at home, Daniel and Zara continue to argue and Daniel says that longer working hours will be good, as it will keep them apart from one another.

With Ruhma away, Sid sees Lily and is concerned that her baby feels small considering how far along she is in her pregnancy. Sid decides to listen to the baby’s heartbeat and notices that Lily has bruises on her arm. Lily brushes Sid’s concerns away, but later confesses she has nowhere to stay. Will Sid be able to help the teenager in need?