Daniel gets his revenge when he tricks Chesney into crashing Sinead’s hen

Chesney falls for Daniel’s con and makes a fool of himself in front of Sinead

As the hens and stags get ready, Daniel’s intrigued to see the Rovers’ CCTV is hooked up to Peter’s laptop and shows a bird’s eye view of the ginnel. Beth’s produced a DVD of clips of Sinead’s childhood but when Robert hands it to Daniel to play out at the bistro Daniel forms a plan. He corners Chesney and leads him to believe he’s swapped Beth’s DVD for the CCTV footage of their altercation. Chesney’s horrified and knocks Beth to the ground in a desperate bid to stop the video. As Beth writhes in agony, Sinead’s appalled, while Tracy presses play. Is Chesney about to be exposed? Daniel watches on, pleased with himself as Chesney tells Tyrone he’s lost Sinead and Daniel has won.

Having ignored more racist comments during their meeting, Alya and Aidan see the Parker brothers out but when they find they have a flat tyre, Aidan calls on Luke at the garage to help. When Justin and Dale make racist remarks to Luke he sees red.

Roy tries to pluck up the courage to tell Brian he needs to move out, whilst Brian tries to pluck up the courage to tell Roy he’s leaving. Carla starts to get cold feet and suggests she returns to Devon after all. Roy implores her to stay and tell her family the truth. What is she hiding?

Aware of Michelle and Robert’s money woes, Steve calls on Michelle and tells her that there’s been a mistake with their divorce settlement and he owes her £10k. Michelle’s touched and when Tracy clocks them from across the street she isn’t best pleased.