Daniel’s issues cloud his judgement

When a boy is brought in struggling to breathe, Daniel examines him but is distracted by Zara’s constant phone calls. When the boy’s symptoms worsen, Howard and Daniel rush him to hospital and the consultant is unimpressed with the time Daniel has wasted getting help. Once the consultant has gone, Howard insists Daniel should never have let his personal problems interfere with work.

Later, Zara confronts Daniel but the minute she mentions Michael’s name he sees red. A furious Zara reacts by retorting maybe she should sleep with Michael after all – she might as well get hung for a sheep as a lamb. Storming back into the Mill, Zara spots another error Sid has made and unleashes all her frustrations at him, leaving him in tears.

Also, when Niamh suggests she might book an appointment with chiropractor, Mrs Tembe is reluctant to share the contact details and Karen suggests it’s because Mrs Tembe fancies him and want to keep him all to herself.