Daniel is with Mark at the Campus Surgery, who explains he wants a Nazi tattoo on his neck removed. Just then, Valerie informs Daniel there have been reports of a gunman on university grounds. Suddenly, Dave arrives complaining of severe chest pains. Billy freezes when she sees some wires in Mark’s rucksack as well as the tattoo on his neck. Mark tips out the contents of his bag for Daniel to see before angrily heading back to reception.

They are interrupted by a call from Rob who says the suspect has amateur spider web tattoos. Daniel glances at Dave’s arm and sees the exact type Rob is describing. Suddenly Valerie shouts out that Dave has got a gun. Mark wrestles the gun away with Daniel’s help as Valerie rushes downstairs to let the police in. Once the situation is under control, Valerie excitedly starts telling Rob her slightly exaggerated version of events.