Daniel sees a chance to make some money

Karen is suspiciously nice to Daniel all day and, when his curiosity gets the better of him, Karen admits she’s promised her neighbours a Botox party – hosted by Daniel. He refuses, but when Karen shows him the neighbours’ earnings and disposable income, the chance to make lots of money proves a powerful lure for Daniel…

Howard fills Kevin in on the criteria for the Drugs Trial and tasks him with sourcing potential candidates from the other doctors’ lists. Heston sends Kevin to see Hugh, a man whose life has been blighted by Lupus. Kevin vows to do what he can to get Hugh on the trial but worries he might have made a promise he can’t keep.

Meanwhile, Howard is up to his eyes unpacking and sorting out in Zara’s old room. He isn’t happy about being treated as Zara’s lackey and Heston gets Daniel to have a word with her.

Meanwhile, Freya has taken the afternoon off to visit her aunt Patti. Despite Patti’s best attempts to hide it, her Lupus has escalated and Freya hates to see her aunt struggle, but admires how she deals with it. Patti stopped smoking a few years ago and credits Freya with helping her.

Also, can Mrs Tembe overcome her disgust to help a fellow churchgoer who is driven to the edge by leading a double life?