Anthony chairs a partners; meeting where they discuss the potential merger with King’s Green surgery. Zara is open-minded, but Jimmi is more sceptical – especially when Daniel and Anthony announce that they’re playing golf with Adrian Willis later. On the golf course, Daniel listens as Anthony and Adrian discuss business and is shocked to learn that Anthony and Adrian are willing to commit bribery over the King’s Green merger.

Sid makes a home visit to an elderly patient, but is caught in the middle when the man’s dog savages a TV engineer. Sid treats the engineer’s injuries, while also trying to find out the reason for the dog’s uncharacteristic behaviour. Sid finally persuades his elderly patient that he’s no longer able to look after his dog and it’s time to give it up.

A loved-up Heston and Ruhma have lunch in the Icon. But when Heston tries to talk about their future, Ruhma becomes evasive. Finally, Heston asks when Ruhma and the children are moving in, but her reluctance to change the status quo upsets him and he storms out of the restaurant.