Daniel is left reeling after hearing Zara’s revelations about her condition the night before. He tries to talk to Jimmy without revealing too much but struggles to work out the right thing to do.

Seeing Daniel’s distraction, Jimmy asks if the problem is a big deal to which Daniel replies no. Jimmy then tells him not to take too long thinking about it as Zara will be counting every minute.

Meanwhile, Zara tells Ruth about her conversation with Daniel last night. Ruth advises her to give Daniel a chance but Zara doesn’t seem convinced.

Later, Daniel calls Zara telling her he will pick her up after work to have a talk. Zara thinks it’s a rejection but Daniel has actually booked a table and pre-ordered champagne.

When Daniel arrives, Zara immediately thinks he wants to end it, so beats him to it. Daniel tries to get through to her but to no avail. Zara watches him go, fighting the tears.

Elsewhere, while on an important observation, Rob comes across a homeless man ranting about a body. Will he stop and hear him out or just walk away?

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