Daniel struggles with baby Joe

Zara gets Joe ready for a day at home with Daniel. When he begins to cry she can’t help but comment that he clearly prefers her to his Daddy. Left alone, Daniel seems to be doing OK comforting a crying Joe with a story until he accidentally sits on the TV remote.

Daniel turns to a parenting manual for advice and discovers that a baby can identify their mother’s smell right from birth. He puts on Zara’s kimono and, holding Joe, sings ‘Making Your Mind Up’ in a bid to soothe him. Nothing works and Daniel, in sheer desperation, exits the room, leaving a howling Joe alone.

Daniel sits, crouched by the living room wall, with his hands over his ears to block out Joe’s cries. But when Zara leaves an answerphone message, Daniel notices her voice stops Joe’s cries and is left feeling second best.

Julia finds the journey from Chester to North Wales easier than she was anticipating. She talks with Martin about how lovely it was to spend time with Chloe and they soon get onto the topic of her impending job prospect. Julia is hesitant.

Later, as Martin quizzes Julia about her Bucket List activities, he makes a comment about Elaine hiding from life, which hits a nerve for Julia. Martin tells Julia if she wants to keep her life in Letherbridge, they can come to an arrangement. Later, back in her empty house, Julia gets out her laptop and sends her application for the Cheshire-based job.

And trying to do the right thing, Cherry betrays a patient’s trust.