Daniel’s old Mentor Kester Hall agrees to help him with a patient on the condition that he gets him to the races so he can put a large bet on. Kester reveals that he’s an alcoholic, addicted to gambling and has lost his wife and kids. He then announces that he only has months to live and wants the gambling winnings to retire to Spain for his final days.

He looks at the patient’s scans but tells Daniel that the patient will almost definitely need surgery, something the NHS won’t provide for. Kester softens and says that he might give some of the winnings to the patient in need. He’s gutted when his horse doesn’t win, but Daniel reveals he never placed the bet to start with and Kester is overjoyed.

He tells Daniel he’ll get the patient to the States for surgery. But Kester worries Daniel when he says how alike he thinks they are. Kester’s comments hit home and Daniel backs out of a date with a previous conquest.

Also, Lily has to deal with a patient who’s best man at a wedding but is in love with the bride.

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