After Izzie’s kidnap last week, Julia calls Daniel to see how they all are. He’s reluctant to talk but prompted by Lisa asks for some time off. Julia tells him to take as much as he needs.

Meanwhile, only Cherry and Jimmi know about Zara and Daniel’s break-up, and Cherry worries about her. When Zara arrives for work she is pounced upon and after reluctantly agreeing to go for celebratory drinks, Jimmi saves her from a further grilling, although she later snaps at him as she tries to hide her hurt.

Jimmi warns Cherry not to get involved but at the end of the day Cherry can’t help but offer Zara an ear if she wants to talK. Zara’s guard shoots up – Cherry is the last person she would ever confide in. As Cherry leaves, Zara allows herself to break down in tears.

Heston returns to The Mill and catches up with Elaine. She casually points out that his attraction to Dr Diana may have clouded his judgement, and is amused by his blustering reaction.

More importantly, Elaine confesses that she has made her decision and she would like to permanently join the team, if they’ll have her. Heston is delighted.

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