Daniel arrives at Willow Downs retirement village, where Terry enquires about another resident Barbara, before admitting to having been in prison. Terry declares that Barbara is the wife of a deceased ex-con and has been selling contraband cigarettes and alcohol to the residents. Later, Terry bumps into a sheepish Barbara, but surprises her by suggesting they go into business together.

Ruhma sees Heston become snippy when Mrs Tembe tells him he’s behind with his patients. In the staff room, Ruhma makes a few remarks, which irk him, but he bites his tongue. Toward the end of the day Ruhma tries to aggravate him again and he asks her why she’s doing it. Embarrassed, she retreats without giving an answer, leaving Heston bewildered.

Valerie accosts Al about her bucket list and babbles excitedly about being a magician’s assistant but he deflates her when he says it takes years of practise. Niamh finds Al and berates him for not helping their friend fulfil one of her dying wishes.