Danielle struggles on the stall, but Mo gives her a master class in selling. After shutting up the stall, Danielle puts the day’s takings in Stacey‘s bag, but she’s stunned when she sees a packet of contraceptive pills and realises Stacey is faking trying for a baby with Bradley.

Whitney gets herself a part-time job to raise more money for the running-away fund. But when she gets home late Tony is furious and they have a row. Tony is worried when an upset Whitney tells him that she can’t take the guilt any more and she is going to confess their affair to Bianca.

Max is fuming with Suzy for getting rid of the gun and he approaches Phil and asks him to get him another one. Phil is stunned by the request and tells him that he doesn’t want to get involved again. Phil tells Suzy that Max needs sorting out and Suzy goes on a mission to make him happier and arranges for him to spend time with Oscar.

Also, Callum is crestfallen when Bradley and Stacey go on a romantic break; Dot gets food poisoning from the dodgy Minute Mart food; Peggy defies Archie to get drunk with Pat.