Danielle gives Archie an ultimatum

Danielle gives Archie her wedding card and he tears it up as soon as she’s out of sight. Danielle is thrilled when Roxy asks her to babysit Amy while the family head off for the wedding rehearsal. Archie is shaken when he gets back to discover that Danielle has put her locket on Amy and he angrily confronts her. Danielle snaps back that either Archie tells Ronnie and Peggy the truth before the wedding – or she will!

Janine promises to keep Ricky’s secret safe, then manipulates him into letting her babysit Tiffany. Janine talks Rupert into giving her another chance and she arranges a tea party with him and his daughter. Bianca is angry when she finds Janine with Tiff and accuses Janine of knowing nothing about happy families. Janine bites her tongue, but upsets Tiffany by taking Terence back in revenge.

Jane is baffled when she discovers that there is no meat order for Peggy and Archie’s wedding feast. The mystery is solved when she discovers Ian has stolen Chops the pig and she realises that he’s planning to put Chops on the menu! Chops escapes, but Peggy finds the pig in the Vic cellar. Jane demands that Ian give Chops back to Mo.

Also, Jean gets a job after encouragement from Bradley.

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