Danielle makes a big confession!

Danielle waits nervously with Ronnie for her appointment and presses Ronnie to say what happened to her baby girl. Ronnie is surprised Danielle knows the baby was a girl, but Danielle covers. Danielle is about to take the first of abortion pill when Stacey bursts in to stop her, but Danielle won’t back down. Later, Stacey wonders why Danielle has confided in Ronnie and is stunned when Danielle says Ronnie is her mum…

Ricky realises that Tiffany is upset about not having a party and encourages Bianca to bring it up with Whitney. She’s happy for Tiff to have her party, but insists that she won’t go. Ricky books the cafe for the party hoping that Whitney will go and he lies to Bianca that Ian is letting him have a freebie. Later, the family are stunned when the police inform them that Tony is pleading not guilty to abusing Whitney.

Christian is furious when he discovers that his cheating dad Roger is with Linda and pleads with Linda to remember what Roger has done. But Linda is clearly softening towards Roger as he begs her to come back to him.

Also, Janine flatters Darren’s ego in a bid to get him to work for her.

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