Danielle makes a confession to Ronnie

Danielle has been sleeping rough since being evicted from the Slaters’. Danielle gets in contact with the Romeo waiter that she slept with at Christmas, but she’s upset when he makes it clear that he’s only interested in having her as a bit on the side. Later, Danielle has a run-in with Ronnie, who is nasty to her and she faints. When she comes round, Danielle confesses to Ronnie that she’s pregnant.

Lucas has accepted Denise‘s proposal, but Chelsea confronts him and is worried that she may lose him all over again. He promises he’ll never let her down again though. Meanwhile, Denise excitedly plans a Valentine’s wedding, but her dreams are shattered when Jordan blurts out that she can’t get married to Lucas, as he’s still married to Jordan’s mum!

Billy confronts Jay about joy-riding, but Jay insists that he bought the car with money he was given by his granddad. Jay later sees Marissa and is rude to her, but he apologises and he sticks up for Marissa when a disapproving Peggy is nasty to her.

Also, Dot and Peggy’s protest about the massage parlour is poorly attended and they’re told to move on by the police.

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