Stacey suspects that Danielle is keeping something from her, but Danielle can’t bring herself to confide in her friend. Stacey sneaks her and Danielle’s name on to the guest list at the club and Ronnie is not amused when she finds out. Archie questions Danielle about the letter he asked her to steal and, angry with Ronnie, she thrusts it into his hand.

Archie reads the letter and is stunned by its contents, as its from the father of Ronnie’s baby, Joel. Archie lies to Ronnie that he’s already spoken to Joel, but Ronnie sees through him. Archie shows Ronnie that he has her missing locket, before pocketing it again. Meanwhile, an upset Danielle tells Stacey that she has a picture of her birth mother inside a locket. Stacey is stunned when she looks at the picture – it’s Ronnie!

Bianca and Whitney pack for their holiday. Tony is worried that Whitney may give the game away and he deviously tells her that he still loves her. Tony uses Whitney’s gullibility against her and claims that if she keeps their ‘secret’ to herself, he’ll take her back.

Also, Lee is taken aback when he meets Christian for their date to find Roxy and Jane with him; Billy offers to take in Jay.

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