Danielle’s tempted to tell Ronnie her secret

Ronnie reluctantly agrees to interview a keen Danielle for a barmaid’s job at the club. Ronnie is frustrated by Danielle and tries to give her some friendly advice and suggests she’s better off leaving London and going back to Telford. Danielle is hurt and nearly blurts out her secret about being her daughter, but thinks better of it. Later, Danielle takes a pregnancy test – it’s positive!

Max is horrified by Lauren‘s request that she go into care and he desperately tries to find someone in the Square to take her in rather than see her go to strangers. Max eventually manages to talk Ian into letting her stay with the Beales, but he’s upset when he learns that Lauren has refused and she wants to get away from Max and Walford as soon as possible.

Zainab decides to start up a book club and she gets Mo, Bianca, Pat, Jane, Heather and Denise to sign up. Shirley is dismissive when Heather tries to talk her into it – until she learns that they’re bringing along wine! At the book club Denise gets drunk and maudlin about losing Lucas and Zainab has to take her home.

Also, Dot agrees to Nick’s blackmail; Jay decides to leave Billy and Janine, but discovers Janine’s stash of money.

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