Daniel’s convinced the job is his

When Daniel arrives at The Mill with a spring in his step for his interview, Zara asks him if he’s done his research and offers him a mock interview. Zara rakes up Daniel’s past saying he should be prepared for tough questions – but Daniel insists he is ready for anything they throw at him.

Daniel arrives at the swish Weatherley Centre to be greeted by the frosty Dr Vinton. Daniel’s confident he’s sailing through the interview until he’s forced to admit his gambling past – but he manages to satisfactorily explain it and comes through the interview relatively unscathed!

Ruth is excited when the costumes arrive for the tap dancing. But when the rest of women complain that the costumes are too tarty, all fingers point at Charlie, and Ruth says she’ll fix the costumes herself.

Also, Julia tries to convince a young, head-strong patient that selling her virginity might not be a good idea.

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