As Daniel starts his first day as a bar owner he’s shocked when his ex-girlfriend, Rain, arrives in town and explains that she’s temporarily homeless. Amber, having heard all about the passionate nature of Daniel and Rain’s past, is uneasy, despite Daniel’s reassurances. Meanwhile, Rain is making enquiries about the purchase of some local council land, it seems she’s not going anywhere.

After being accidentally punched in the face by Paige, Amber is in no mood to forgive her. Meanwhile, Paige asks Brad whether she should just pack her bags and leave. Brad assures her that all siblings fight and she just needs to be patient. Taking his advice, Paige buys dinner for the Turners, and offers Amber reassurances about her relationship with Daniel.

Off the back of Susan’s advice to reconnect with Brad, Terese tries to seduce him, but is humiliated when the old spark fails to ignite, prompting a huge reality check for both of them. Brad suggests that the children have to come first. Then, when there’s time, they can work on their marital issues and Terese reluctantly agrees.