Daniel tells Zara they have been invited to a neighbour’s house that evening, but she dismisses it, saying she has nothing to wear and reminds Daniel she hates the new house. Daniel admits he was wrong and suggests they stay in, but then Zara’s guilt over her own secret gets to her so she agrees to go…

Neighbour Hannah Moss welcomes them in and to Zara’s horror she caresses her bump. Daniel tells her they’re waiting until the baby is born to find out its gender. But as she finds herself warming to Hannah, Zara admits she knows the child’s gender and is about to tell Hannah what it is when she spots Daniel.

Daniel is furious, he can’t believe she went behind his back, but Zara points out that he did the same when he bought the house. Zara feels she’s losing control and doesn’t believe she can go through with this. Daniel reminds her that from now on she can’t just think about herself and has to wise up.

Zara apologises to Daniel and they both apologise to Hannah and the other guests for arguing. Zara confirms they are having a boy and Daniel is delighted and congratulated by everyone. However, Zara is not OK… at all.

Also, Jack takes Akono on a night out as his wingman, but when Imogen and her friend tag along Jack finds himself on the sidelines.