Daniel takes work experience student Harry to test drive a sports car to take his mind off applying to university. Harry’s parents Cath and Tony want their son to attend medical school while granddad Eric wants Harry to enjoy a gap year. On top of that, Harry’s ex-girlfriend Laura visits Lily; she’s pregnant but won’t have a termination without talking to Harry.

Daniel sees a lot of himself in Harry, who opens up about his parents’ and granddad’s plans and how he feels about Laura. Daniel urges Harry to do what makes him happy rather than to try and please everyone. After inviting Daniel to his county cricket final, an empowered Harry discusses his future with his family as Laura requires an urgent ultrasound…

As Daniel and Harry race each other to the cricket ground, Harry’s bike hits a bump in the road. Daniel rushes Harry to hospital where he tells the boy’s parents that Harry’s damaged spine may mean their son will never walk again.

As Laura miscarries and Cath fears she may have lost her chance of having any grandchildren, Daniel feels responsible for urging Harry to race but the boy is full of admiration for him.

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