Daniel’s left holding the baby!

Zara leaves Daniel in charge of Joe with list of things to do to maintain his routine. She doubts his capability and sure enough, when Daniel can’t get Joe to cooperate, her orders go out the window in favour of fun and games. Zara returns to find Joe asleep but the house in chaos. Daniel is pleased with his success but when Zara is outraged that he hasn’t managed to do the things she asked, he realises he’s failed.

Heston has a home security system installed much to his delight, until he accidentally sets it off. After some failed attempts, he manages to silence it. That evening, he programmes the alarm and retires to bed but when he comes down to retrieve his mobile, he sets it off once more. Unable to stop it this time, he tears it from the wall and returns to bed.

He wakes up to the sounds of a break-in and creeps downstairs with a cricket bat to find Curtis Brown filling a bag with his belongings. Curtis wields a screwdriver to keep him away, but an enraged Heston hits him twice with the bat. Curtis flees with the bag in tow and Heston, refusing to be powerless, follows him outside.

He demands Curtis hand him the screwdriver, but Curtis lunges at him with it. Heston counters with a third swing, whacking Curtis’ shoulder and sending him to the ground where he hits his head as the screwdriver rolls away. Heston’s neighbour Margaret sees him standing over an unconscious Curtis as he retrieves the bag and calls the police with grim satisfaction.

Also, who will Rob believe when he gets involved in a dispute between a dead man’s neighbour and his long lost relatives?