Daniel’s not happy with Zara

Zara tells Daniel that Julia knows about them and Daniel freaks out; she already hates him! He panics all day, thinking she’ll tell Lisa. When she turns up at the end of the day she surprises them both by saying nothing, her fury having diminished. Daniel and Zara are confused; are they off the hook?

Elsewhere, Jimmi tells Cherry he has to go to Oxford for a few days for a court case. Cherry isn’t best pleased at being left alone with Dav and when she gets home that night Dav is sat on the sofa in his boxers. She makes her excuses and miserably heads off for an early night.

Daniel tells Simon he should try a late-night on-call shift before he leaves.

Simon is pleasantly surprised at his interest in his career but later discovers Daniel was down for the shift but wants the night off. Simon warily agrees to take the shift anyway.

Julia accepts a free spa day but as she becomes embroiled with women bent on revenge and an adulterous old friend, the results are far from relaxing!

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