Daniel’s shaken up after the attack

When Imogen finds Daniel after the assault, she wants to call the police – but Daniel refuses. But it appears Daniel’s injuries may lie a little deeper when he reacts badly to a tap on the shoulder from Amber. He gets surly when Karl advises him to give up on suspended coffee, and snaps at Kyle’s joke.

It’s Steph’s first day at work, but Paul and Kyle make it clear they don’t want her in Erinsborough or trust her around Jimmy.  After a day of bonding with Jimmy, who reminds her of her son, Charlie, Steph is distressed by Kyle’s mistrust. Later, Jimmy goes missing and everyone instantly suspects Steph.

Liam secretly scrambles to pay off dodgy guys by trying to borrow money from Paul and tells Jimmy not to mention a strange man who approached him. However, Steph advises Amy to give Liam go but when Jimmy goes missing we wonder if Liam’s crony has abducted him.