Daniel’s tricky mother and daughter case

Daniel treats an ex-model who believes that life is no longer worth living when she reaches the age of sixty. Martha is not best pleased with her upcoming birthday. She covers herself in anti-ageing cream, wants botox and is on anti-depressant pills. Her daughter Tilda, who is eight-months pregnant is annoyed that her mother doesn’t want a party and is dismayed to find her on medication, even more so when she finds out Daniel has agreed to a repeat prescription of the anti-depressants.

Tilda looks up the drugs on the internet and feels a twinge in her stomach. She then has the same feeling when she spots Martha at The Mill. Later on and back at home, Martha celebrates feeling better by dressing up and drinking a bottle of champagne.

When Tilda returns to find her passed out on the floor next to an empty bottle of pills, she calls Daniel who gets Martha to wake up. Martha says the pill bottle was old and that she was just a bit tipsy, but five minutes later Martha passes out again and the pair see that the pill bottle had that day’s date on it next to a note saying ‘Forgive me.’ Tilda collapses and the scenes move to Martha crying from her hospital bed at St Phil’s.

Daniel explains that Tilda died giving birth as she was told from early on in her pregnancy that if she continued she’d be putting her life at risk. When Martha sees her granddaughter for the first time she realises that she’s been self-obsessed and vain, and promises to the child that she’ll get it right this time.

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