Danni shocks Toadie with an admission

Toadie is shocked when Danni asks him to represent her in court, subtly suggesting he’s partly to blame for Matt’s death given that he sent her the text that caused her to take her eyes off the road. Later, Danni asks Lauren to consider writing a letter to help her case – causing Lauren to fly off the handle. Seeing his mother get so worked up, a distraught Bailey runs off. Lauren finds him and apologies, but Bailey thinks Danni deserved it. Meanwhile, Danni has a shock revelation for Toadie: she doesn’t think the accident was completely her fault…

Nick is frustrated by the latest delays on the research centre decision and lies that Paul’s condition is worsening. Naomi is devastated and decides to get Paul’s affairs in order.

Also, Paige eventually admits that she’s unfairly taking out her anger and grief on Imogen and Daniel.