Russ is stunned to bump into his ex-girlfriend Dannii in the village. He’s surprised when she tells him about the text she received and realises that someone is trying to meddle in his life. He assures Dannii he’s completely in love with Mercedes, and isn’t making a mistake. He introduces Dannii to her and the rest of the McQueens, but Dannii is shocked that Russ is marrying into such a family of reprobates.

The McQueen sisters enthusiastically try on wedding dresses, with Tina going for a traditional gown and Mercedes interested in a more trendy, sexy look. But when a snobby shop assistant brands them all chavs, an unimpressed Jacqui locks her in the dressing room, and yells at them to all flee with their dresses.

After Sarah confides in John-Paul about Craig’s strange behaviour. John-Paul urges Craig to be honest with his feelings and not mess Sarah around. Increasingly confused and certain he’s not gay, Craig is devastated after Sarah tells him the last thing she needs is another demanding boyfriend like Rhys.

Also, Neville is crushed and Suzanne devastated when Noel reveals he’s dying of an inoperable brain tumour.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday July 4*

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