Mercedes is unhappy to learn about Russ’ meeting with ex-girlfriend Dannii, but Russ assures Mercedes he has nothing to hide. But Mercedes feels even more jealous when the classy Dannii visits the McQueens, and she ends up behaving like a complete bitch towards her rival.

Sick of the insults, Dannii finally defends herself, but when Russ also jumps to her defence, a green-eyed Mercedes dumps lasagne all over Dannii. Disgusted with Mercedes, Russ leaves with Dannii.

After sleeping with John-Paul again, Craig is in turmoil. Frustrated, John-Paul tells Craig to leave him alone, he’d rather date Spike. Later, John-Paul is stunned when Craig turns up at the McQueen’s and jumps to the conclusion that Craig has chosen him over Sarah. Lost in the moment, they end up sleeping together again.

Annoyed with Noel’s carefree attitude about his impending death, a tearful Suzanne brands him as selfish as ever. Meanwhile, Gilly is puzzled by his mum’s overreaction to Noel’s news…

Clare visits Max and OB and asks them for the cash she needs to pay out Mercedes claim. Max and OB tell her to get lost but Clare tells them to think carefully- they both know what she’s capable of.

*Screened on TV3, Thursday July 5*

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