Danny and Evan go on the run

Life on the run for Danny and his stepson Evan starts badly when Danny falls asleep at the wheel and drives into a ditch. Danny is beginning to worry that Evan’s father will report him missing and the pair face potential disaster when they come across a hippo.

Meanwhile Georgina offers Fantini a job at Leopard’s Den when she finds him sleeping naked in one of the guest rooms and he admits he has nowhere to go. Rosie and Du Plessis help Vanessa, the new owner of Mara, feed some hungry lions. In the process they discover a sick lioness and her cubs and Rosie is faced with breaking the law or leaving the animals to die…

When Danny and Evan find a dead antelope, Danny worries that the hippo could be sick too. To their amazement, the hippo allows Danny up close but the examination is curtailed by the arrival of the farmer. Now that the police have issued an alert they have to be more careful than ever.