Danny Braxton’s appeal is underway

Danny Braxton’s appeal is underway and Brax argues with his brothers over what will happen if their father is released. Hayley, struggling with her cocaine comedown and the pressure of the case tells them to go home – the ruling will be some time yet.

Liam wakes after his cocaine binge and heads off to get a coffee. Leah, seeing his nasty head wound, takes him to hospital where Sid soon realises Liam’s had a drug-induced seizure. While he’s there he sees Bianca who seems to believe she’s still with Liam, claims her baby’s been murdered and that there’s been a cover-up. Acknowledging there’s not much he can do for her in his present state of mind, Liam decides to sort himself out and, when Hayley returns from court, he tells her he’s leaving.

Meanwhile, the stress becomes too much for Brax and after arguing with Casey he closes his restaurant down so he can get drunk. Just then, Danny walks in… he’s been set free!