Following the lion attack, Danny is finally well enough to leave hospital. But Du Plessis is still unconscious and Caroline is keeping a tender vigil at his bedside. Sarah needs Danny back at Leopard’s Den – their first game capture is coming up. Danny thinks they should cancel but when Sarah tells him that Du Plessis would want it to go ahead, Danny reluctantly agrees.

Danny heads into the bush to tend to an elephant that’s caught on some wire fencing. But when faced with the animal, to his own horror, he turns his back leaving it untreated. That night, Danny has nightmares of the lion attack and wakes dripping with sweat. Back at the hospital, Du Plessis regains consciousness. Having come close to death, he asks Caroline to marry him.

The next day, Rosie is alarmed to find the elephant still wounded but, when she confronts Danny, he lies telling her he treated it. Upon Max’s advice, Rosie takes her Dad into the bush to see the elephant but when he tries to convince Rosie that he’s not scared he breaks down in tears. Seeing that Danny’s still traumatised, Sarah demands that they cancel the game capture.

Later, Fatani makes a generous offer for Leopard’s Den and Sarah wonders if they should take it. After a sleepless night, Danny realises that he needs to find out if he can still hack life as a wildlife vet and sets off on the game capture with Rosie and Max. Things get off to a shaky starts but when a wildebeest gets injured, Danny bravely rushes to its aid.

When they return home, Danny takes the rest of the Travanions into the bush to see him treat the elephant. And when Hobie the lion stalks towards him, it’s time for Danny to face his demons.