Danny crashes Syed’s stag do!

Syed is distracted on the day of his stag do with Christian, worrying about the mess he’s got into. As he walks into the party, Syed is horrified to spot Danny talking to Christian and Roxy! Masood discreetly asks Danny to leave the private party, mindful of the kiss he witnessed between Danny and Syed. A suffocated Syed slips away from the party and heads to Argee Bhajee.

Danny has followed Syed and moves in for a kiss after telling Syed he can do better than Christian. Syed pushes him off, insisting he loves Christian. When Syed asks for a return on his investment Danny says the money has gone as the investment fell through. As Masood arrives and reveals he saw their kiss the previous night, Syed snaps and punches Danny. Syed returns to the party and consumed by guilt, tells a stunned Christian he can’t marry him…

Fatboy is impressed by a glammed-up Denise at the stag party, while AJ also sets his sights on her. When Denise is bothered by a group of lads Fatboy steps in to defend her. A grateful Denise accepts his offer to walk her home. On the doorstep they share a kiss and Denise leads Fatboy inside!