Danny gets a surprise when his old flame Elaine turns up with a tranquilised lioness she claims to have found in the bush. When Mr Castle from nearby reserve Catabele reveals that one of his lionesses, due to be shot in a hunt, has been stolen, Danny confronts Elaine who denies taking the animal, but Sarah’s not convinced.

Mr Castle returns demanding his lioness back but Elaine has already released it. Danny searches for the lioness and, the next morning, Elaine finds it badly mauled. Danny brings the lioness into his surgery and removes its identifying microchip. When Mr Castle’s reader fails to detect the chip, he’s forced to admit defeat.

Elsewhere, Du Plessis discovers internet dating and when Elliot Kriel says they need more prey animals, Du Plessis sees an animal auction as the ideal opportunity to meet his perfect woman. Caroline goes along too, and when his date Tina shows up, Tina is curious about Du Plessis’ relationship with her.

Meanwhile, Evan turns up at school and is mortified to find that Sarah is his supply teacher. When Sarah struggles to control the kids, Evan says that a trip to Leopards’ Den might be all it takes to win them over.