Danny’s busy planning for the baby’s arrival when a call comes through from Alice in England. She says that she wants to stay in England and that Danny should go to be with her. However, Danny then finds himself torn between his animals and the business and his wife and child.

Meanwhile, he has to go to the bank with Ed. They’ve been called in because they’ve fallen behind with payments on Leopard’s Den and Mara, and are keen that Danny and Ed need to sell the reserve to pay their debts. However, Ed convinces them they just need more time.

When Fiona hears that they need an extra 20,000 pounds to temporarily be in the clear, she reveals to Ed that she has some money put away. However, he’s reluctant to accept, as it means that he would be indebted to his ex-wife. But Dup overhears their whole conversation, and convinces Ed that he would be mad not to take Fiona’s help.

Finally, Danny decides that the best place for him to be is in England. He tells Rosie that he will only be gone for a year, but assures her he will return. But when it comes to telling Dup the news, he reacts really badly and says that nothing will be the same without his best friend. Plus, Fiona reveals that she’s set to stay in South Africa with Ed.