Christian bumps into Syed and they have an awkward conversation. The former lovers agree to move on, but Christian is clearly hurt. Later, Amira turns up at the Masala Unit wearing nothing, but a coat and some sexy underwear and she’s heartbroken when Syed rejects her attempt at seduction. Amira flees and bumps into Danny who comforts her and moves in for a kiss…

Jack brings a bouquet of flowers to the Vic. Ronnie is out, but Jack meets Danny and they eye each other suspiciously. Jack later returns to the Vic, but Ronnie is still nowhere to be seen. Peggy thinks Ronnie might be visiting Archie’s grave. Jack goes to the cemetery and is shocked when he sees Ronnie tearing up flowers at Archie’s grave.

Roxy holds trials for new bar staff and puts Stacey, Amira, Leyton, Billy, Tracey and Shirley to the test pulling a pint and making a cocktail. The applicants are fuming when Roxy insists none of them are up to scratch. Later, Roxy, Christian and Danny brainstorm ideas for the Vic. Christian points out Roxy needs experienced bar staff and she reluctantly offers Tracey and Shirley their old jobs back.

Also, Bianca is upset that dad David hasn’t replied to her wedding invite; Becca lets slip Stacey’s pregnancy secret.