Roxy breaks down on Danny about the continuing feud with Ronnie and Danny offers to help smooth things over between them. Danny persuades Ronnie to talk to Roxy, but he then lies to Roxy that Ronnie said there was no chance of reconciliation. Danny convinces a downbeat Roxy to set up an online bank account. Danny makes a mysterious call and says, ‘we’re on’.

Amira and Syed agree to rent the rundown flat above the sari shop. Syed is uncomfortable knowing that they are going to be neighbours with Christian. Zainab is horrified by the state of the flat and tells them she can’t let them move in to such a health hazard. Amira insists that they can do up the flat in no time and Christian will help them out.

Janine gives Ryan a fake reference for a manager’s job at the bookies. Ryan gets the job then hires Janine, who is rubbing her hands at the scams they can get up to. Ryan tells a sulky Janine that it’s a new start for them and he wants to do things above board from now on.

Also, Carol and Billie make up and Carol agrees to support Billie’s decision.

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