Jacqui’s frustrated that the rest of the family won’t recognise Bart’s thieving ways, and chats to Rhys. As she talks, the two end up in a passionate embrace. But Jacqui breaks it off, reminding him that she’s with Danny. When Danny watches Jacqui speaking to a customer, he chastises her for being overfriendly. Jacqui is stunned by Danny’s outburst while Rhys looks on.

Amber firmly reminds Finn to keep quiet and they agree that it was just a one-off. Meanwhile, Gabby’s defending herself to Tony, off the back of Nancy’s scathing review. Amber’s downbeat mood doesn’t go unnoticed by Taylor, but he puts it down to the shock of learning about Phil’s second family.

Ste greets Rae at the club as Brendan charms India. Brendan and Danny plan to go onto a casino, but Brendan sternly points out that Rae won’t get in. It’s too tempting for Ste, so he tells an annoyed Rae that tonight’s off.

Also, Kevin tells Elliot that they must find the perfect person to switch the Beacon on and they set about interviewing potential candidates, one of whom is Carmel. As she proudly delivers her speech, Kevin becomes emotional as he watches the beacon emit a beam of light into the night sky.

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