Peggy is still suspicious of Danny but when she sees he has a picture of Ronnie and Roxy on his phone she softens and takes Danny back to the Vic. Peggy still feels humiliated about the tequila girl episode and tells Roxy she’s going to stay with Aunt Sal for a while. Danny notices the tension between Peggy and Roxy and he tells Peggy that he’ll help her as she’s helped him.

Libby returns from Oxford, as she’s worried about Owen. Patrick helps Libby sneak into the florist shop and steal the CCTV footage so they can see if Owen really did buy the birthday bouquet for Liz. Lucas and Denise return home and Patrick and Libby stare at Lucas open mouthed. On the TV is footage of Lucas buying the lilies…

Whitney is left to face the music when Connor tags Arthur’s bench then does a runner before Charlie can catch them. Whitney is worried that Carol will ban her from seeing Billie and refuses to tell the truth about what happened. Whitney is mortified when Bianca sits her down for a chat about safe drinking and safe sex.

Also, Darren’s upset when he learns that Libby is dating Adam; Ian plays Lucy a birthing video.

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